Is everyone using Yamaha S1 in their 2010/11 YZ450 forks?

I tried to do some searching and their did not seem to be any conclusive information on whether it is ok to substitute fork oils. I am not a racer.. just looking for something more cost effective.

I never use Yamaha S1. It's far too expensive for what you get.

My own choice is 215.VM2.K5 from SMART Performance. It's a non-conventional, very high performance suspension fluid, but requires the internals of the suspension units to be thoroughly cleaned prior to using it, as it can react with some other conventional oils.

For what you're looking for, a conventional suspension oil, my first choice would be Amsoil "Shock Therapy". Following that, Motorex, Motul, Maxima, and other premium fork oils in 2.5 - 5wt will do the job for you for quite a bit less money. You'll need 2 qts.

Thanks for the information. I was going to put in the maxima 5wt. It seems to be priced right. I did not want to be guilty of trashing my YZ for the sake of saving a few dollars.

I use maxima 5wt. :cry: You will be fine. No oil will thrash it.

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