2010 YZ450 Air Filter help

I bought my YZ with a K'n'N filter and no stock air filter.

I want to replace the K'n'N with a Twin Air.

My question is about the OEM filter. The parts fiche shows 3 pieces to the stock air filter.

Does the Twin Air replace all 3 pieces? Or should i order the 2 pieces under the main filter. Yamaha calls them the "Secondary Air Filter" and "Net".

When I've purchased twin air filters before, it's just a piece of foam that comes in the bag. The cage it mounts to is not included.

That said, I never remove parts when installing them, so if #'s 27 and 28 are supposed to be present but aren't, I would put them back. Does your bike still have the mesh screen in place?

(Whereabouts in Alberta are you from? I'm in Calgary).

Yes the backfire screen is still there.

Maybe I made the question too complicated.

Do i need the Secondary filter #28 with the Twin Air filter?

Somebody has to be running a Twin Air filter!

And cereal killer, Edmonton.

the twin air comes complete. put it in, put the cage on and cover and go.

I have the 2011 YZ450F. The thin filter between the screen and main filter is (as I understand it) just to keep dirt from falling down into the intake when you remove the main filter. I have the Twin Air and I still use the thin filter. I ordered a No Toil filter and it came with a new thin filter if you wish to change it. I can't believe it adds much restriction and is nice insurance from dropping crud into the intake.

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