2011 yz450 wont start

I went for a ride last week with no problems and put the bike in my garage, now yesterday I did an oil/ filter change (didnt warm up the oil) and changed my gas tank vent hose to one of those short hoses with the metal vent cap. After I did the tank vent and oil change I went to start the bike and nothing, and this bike usually starts within a couple kicks. I noticed its making a loud sucking sound when I kick this bike over (or louder than usual)

Im no mechanic so Im not sure where to start, the bikes got 11 hours total and is completely stock. Would appreciate some ideas, if not ill be bring it into the shop.


Nvm problem solved

Good to know, for others the solution might be helpfull :cry:

What was the problem ?

I'm taking a guess the new vent line wasn't venting properly?

what was it? the kill switch?????

Hey what did you find out about your bike? I'm having the same problem with my 2012 yz 450 and can't find anything close to an answer. If you could post it would be helpful, Thanks..

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