Decompression lever/mechanism help needed urgently

Okay, so I had the cams out to do a valve adjustment. Removed and installed the decompression mechanism. Now when I start the bike the whole mechanism is rattling and the lever is moving too!!!! Is it possible I reinstalled incorrectly???? Tried loosening the cable to no avail. Suggestions??? Heading out of town in a few hours for a weekend trip and I need this fixed!!!

Should also mention that turning the handlebars to the right makes the bike stall.....

I think it has something to do with the return spring, anyone got a pic of how this is supposed to look?

there shouldnt be much to do wrong, you must have set the spring wrong. Since its stalling the cable must be way to tight so it pushes the valve down..

Did you re-route the cable?


No the cable wasn't rerouted or disconnected. I have the spring on there a different way, it's not perfect but much better. One of the group has a WR400 so I'll take a look at his setup. Thanks for posting the pic!!!!

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