Need Eline wiring schmatic bad

I purchased a used 1999 WR400F about two weeks ago and the wiring was all messed up none of the lights worked and neither did the kill switch. I've added a new FMF exhaust, some new plastics and fixed the kill switch. The bike came with an Eline kit already attached to the bike but like I said it was in serious disrepair. I have the black box with the five plugs and the wiring harness but its all been disconnected. The bike had a UFO head light and turn signal assembly on it but it's broken. I purchased an after market head light that has a halogen bulb and some LED's. I also purchased a LED brake light. All I want to do is to be able to turn the head light on and off, I plan to tie the LED's on the front together with the head light so they all come on together. I'd like the tail light to come on with the head light. I'm hoping the Eline unit regulates and rectifies the power coming from the stator.

Please if anyone has the wiring digram for the Eline unit can you send it to me. My wife is getting mad that I spent a bunch of money and I can't even turn on the lights.

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