AZ MXer Relief Fund!!!!

At 8am today at SpeedWorld, they pulled everyone off the track, of course a couple of beginners thought this would be a prime opportunity to sneak in some "Hot" laps. LOL

They had a moment of silence and you could not help but get a lump in your throat at the eerie silence at a Motocross track, :) that just a few minutes earlier was engulfed in utter chaos...

I said a prayer and mounted ol glory on my helmet. I wore it proudly. :D

They announced next sat that all proceeds will go to the RedCross in the name of Arizona Motocrossers! The print and news media will be notified and there will be a blood drive truck there too. It will cost $20.00 and there will be free food. Tell your friends and other track promotors around the country.


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