Street legal wr not so good idea?

Have you checked the valves on your 525 ever? "no I don't need to its a Ktm"

From what I read the wr lasts longer but I dunno

I bought a 99 WR400 instead of a KTM for the very reason that it seems a lot of KTM guys seem to almost take pride in the fact that their bike are maintenance whores.

From everything I have read and researched a WR is a better option as far as durability for a dirt bike/dual sport.

No idea how to check the valves, I just change the oil and ride it

If this is your maintenance routine, then yeah, look at needing a refresh on your top after a few thousand miles.

The 2 best things you can do to an offroad, high reving 4 stroke are good, clean motorcycle oil and maintaining your valvetrain including checking your cam chain and keeping your valves in adjustment.

My suggestion is learn to check them, or learn to pay someone to check them.


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