Yamalink review

So I've had problems adjusting to my new 2011's quick turning and light front end. My last couple bikes were much slower steering and for my woods riding style worked much better for me. I just put on a yamalink race link and immediately noticed a huge difference in turning. It slowed the steering down and now the bars are rock solid through the turns and there are no surprises. I will admit I'm no pro and it's a fix to a problem most people don't have. Im absolutely sold on this product. I didn't want to spend a fortune and the yamalink was much cheaper than other links and I like the fact it has a grease zerk as well. Lastly I have to say thier customer service was absolutely top notch when I had questions. It completely transformed my bike for my riding style in the woods!

Can you post a pic of that Yamalink ?

I've heard many talking good on that link but never seen one in person.

Does this link include in the GYTR catalog ?

Or where can you buy it ?

Well to be honest I raced my first hare scramble and my suspension beat the crap out of me in the really rutted and rocky gnarly stuff. When I hit the track portions I could rail the corners and it was sweet. I got talking with a guy there who's going to revalve my suspension and hes going to set it up with the stock components...so I guess after next week I won't have a need for the link according to him. I rode his woods valved yz and it was sweet. If anyone wants the link I'll sell it for $110 shipped. I'm still super happy with how stable it made things but after a full suspension overhaul it doesn't look like I'll need it.

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