YZ Steering geometry same as WR ?

Does anybody out there know whether the steering geometry on the YZF is the same as the WR? And also how it compares to other WOODS bikes like DRZ's, KTM's.

Yes, they are the same. Compared to the DR and KTM, the YZ is slow handling in comparison. BUT, they are more stable at high speeds. Either bike can be tweaked a little for less of one thing and more of another.

I've set my WR's forks pretty high in the clamps and run my wheelbase as short as possible (smaller chain). It's a little more twitchy now, but with a damper it's still stable "enough" at high speeds (60+) It can still crawl around tress pretty well, perhaps not like an XR250...but when you consider I can rip down the dirt at a top speed of 81 mph (geared down a little) and still crawl around eastern trails, well--that's a pretty well rounded setup I think :)

Carp, Thanks for the info.

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