Whats this chemical metal hiding?

<p>So after paying top dollar for a bike thats supposed to be in excellent condition the whole things seems to be falling apart. While trying to investigate the bottom end knocking im getting i stumbled across this bit of chemical metal, Im guessing this isnt a must do mod for yz's? Is it common for this to split? or loose thread? I didnt want to chip off the metal incase there is something horrible under it. Im wonderinf if the oil was even flowing through it now.


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The motors are very noisy, so your 'knocking' problem may not be a problem.

That looks like JB weld paste.

More than likely, it was hit by a rock, cracking the case where the fitting goes in.

That kind of looks like a 'support' beam was created to keep the fitting in line.

If it doesn't leak, I wouldn't worry about it.

Oh, and by the way, your clutch basket has a few hours on it. All those grooves might make the clutch grabby. Not a catastrophic issue, just very annoying when the clutch is inconsistent in it's feel.

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