noises in head

well i noticed here and there today while ridin my yz seemed to be louder in the head of the cylinder, didnt seem unusual but just like the cam chain/sprockets and valves were workin louder, i just did the valves but am going to check them again wensday, but my question is is there some kind of auto cam chain tightener on this like there were on some of the xrs or do u have to watch that as well as the valves, its a 99yz400, thanks

Did you get a manual when you bought the bike?

The cam chain has an automatic tensioner. If you are hearing a new noise you might want to look into replacing your cb gear key.

If you search cb gear you'll find lots of info on it.


I hear noises wait...those are voices...


When you "did" the valves, did you R&R the cams during this process? From your description, it's difficult to ascertain what's going on. Be more specific and you'll get tons of help and advice.

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