newbie problem starting

hi im new to this just bought a 02 wr 426 my first kick start bike and having trouble starting it i took it out for the first time yesterday started first kick got to the end of my road stalled it then could not get it going again tried with and without choke the technique i use for starting it is kick till its hard pull de com till it just notches down let it back to the top and kick it wen i was doing it i oticed fuel dripping quite a bit i was told that this was the overflow i checked the plug it was soaking so cleaned it then it started put bike bk together and it cut out then wouldnt start again so checked plug again and it was soaking again so repeated process took it for a ride did bout 30 mile wen i stopped for a break tried to start it and it wouldnt go took about 20 mins to get it going again can anyone please help?

I only had a 98,but do they still have the hot start circuit in 02? I assume they did,but I see no mention of you using it. You need to.

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I put a set of Hotcam in my 2000 YZ426 they are worth every penny makes the bike very easy to start.

You can just put the Hotcam Exhaust cam only and that alone will help I installed both and a new cam chain as long I had it tore apart.

If I was you mite as well put a new cam chain in Check you valves my where a little out so I reshimed them.

when you try to start it, leave the throttle alone else you will flood it..

when you try to start it, leave the throttle alone else you will flood it..

Good advice here. I used to hold on to the front brake MC when starting mine because I would subconsciously twist it a little. After a while I broke my old 2stroke habit.

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