Moab - Fall 2000 Video Available

cueball-Sorry for misspelling your name, it’s late here.

Let me know what I need to do to get one when they are available. Thanks

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[This message has been edited by ecarlson (edited 04-21-2001).]

Can't wait to see the video.

Got the thumper back together yet.

It's time for a ride.

Thumper Darryl said:

"We should try to mount the camera pointing backwards and see how it works. EH."

Thats not a bad idea!

Hi cueball,

Put me down for one copy. Thanks for all your effort and offering it to us.


Pablo, the WR is still in pieces, I either finish the video or put the bike back together. I figure I'd better get the video done first.

Ron, I'll definitely be trying the backwards mount on the Helmetcam this year. I don't think a guy could watch too much of it, but some clips here & there would be very cool.

Hey hoser put me down for 1 video and 1 DVD! Aey

KerryT Just a reminder; Aey is Austrailian. EH is Canadian. Get it right EH


400 EXC--stock&great

YAMAHA 250--sold

250 sherco

Sign me up for one copy. Let me know where to send the money!

Roostn in Denver

Moab video for me too.

is your bike apart? the 400 finally let go its squirting water out of everywhere but not in the oil.


Hey, since I put together the whole idea with Bryan, I would love to get a copy....

I would also like a copy Cue, count me in!


Mitch Who? I don't remember no stinkin' Mitch....


One for me please. Even though I know I'm not on it. That's because I always saw orange in front of me which meant I was behind the camera running sound and pulling cable :)

Huge - yep, the bike's apart but the engine's intact. Had the rear shock done, greased up the linkage, flywheel weight, & other little stuff. No water leaks on mine....yet!

Dougie, I think most everybody's on tape. Hard to say ... all blue bikes, helmets, goggles, and high speed. You can point to anybody & tell your buddies that it's you!

Count me in for a copy

Honda Rob,

What's with that. This is a Blue site not red. :)

Hey Cueball

How's the video coming?

Since Pablo asked....I'm not quite done yet so it will be a week or so before I send them out. No excuses, but I've had to add hard drives, change my OS to Win2K Pro, and overcome a few other s/w & h/w problems.

So far I've got about 1.5 hours complete, not much more to go. The tricky part has been sorting all of the photos that Bryan & Thumper Darryl took & merging them together in a reasonably accurate order. I think that there were over 100 photos taken on Day 2 alone!!

It looks as though the complete product will be about 2.5 hours....I hope I'm right in assuming that you guys would rather have too much than too little!

Originally posted by Brian Meadows:

Mitch Who? I don't remember no stinkin' Mitch....

You remember , the myth from down under. I kept looking for that flowered moo moo (sp?) but never saw one.

When are you going to get back here Mitch? Internet stuff still going crazy down under?


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