White Bros Head pipe / lost bottom end ???

I just put a White Bros e-series head pipe in conjunction with the stock silencer (01'426). When riding yesterday,there was a noticeable differnce in the low end power. I had already gone from the stock rear sprocket to a 51 tooth before the pipe as I was only using 2nd gear on the track.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Keeping in mind that I am not the most mechanical person.....



time to re-jet... more flow will need more fuel... try going up with the main jet. good luck, I am still in the learning phase of jetting. start with small changes, and only a few variables at a time.

Thanks! It seems like it can get really complicated from here on out. I'll try it an see if that is the cure...


Hey Johnny-

Adam is probably right. If you installed more than 10-11 disks, you may want to consider removing a few. Too many disks will lower the bottom end.

The carb is not hard to work on...drop me a line i'll help you out

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