CA plated 650R moving to NC - need info on NC laws

Moving from So CA & and have a plated XR650R set up for desert racing. Does anyone know if I can get a plate in NC (Just outside of Charlotte area in Union County)??? My realtor's relocation package said that NC requires a vehicle inspection when moving in from another state... Does anyone know how strict they are? Do I need to put all the street legal crap back on? Smog stuff back on?

Thanks in advance.

Tom :)

I dont know it all but as far as I know you have to have,brake light,head light,mirror,dot tires, I dont think Union is a smog county so you should be ok there.

I have never had a dual sport bike but I have heard it is hard to get them registered in NC unless they came street legal from the factory. When I was in NC I had street bikes and you did have to get them inspected but they didn't test emissions. That was back in 1997-2001. It might help since you already have it plated in CA.

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