New to forum, yz426 hotcam install question,yes i searched.

Well hi,im new here.

I picked up a super nice 01yz426 and took it out for the first ride. So naturaly i come home and start googling "yz426 hot start"

I am going to install the hotcam with the auto-decompression. After searching on here and reading,im pretty sure i have enough info to install the hotcam and shims,but i cant find the answer to one question. Do i need to remove all the internal and external parts for the manual decompression to install the auto decompression? Or do i need parts from both.

I wasnt sure if the hotcams totaly erased the need for all the manual decompression parts or not,or if they worked in tandem.

Well it looks like im going to be spending some time on here. Im from kentucky,love the bike,just need some tweeks.

Heres a pic


Oops this was supposed to go in the yz forum not wr

If you buy a cam with decomp you can remove the old stuff, and just close the hole in the head with a plug. See the sticky post in the yz forum called decompression plug..

Yup, go ahead and remove them and plug the hole.


The link in the decompression plug is broke,but someone mentioned freeze plug

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