New game - Name that rear sprocket!

I've got a street legal 98 WR400 and replacing the chain/sprockets as they are pretty worn. I ordered the sprocket and o-ring set (it had a roller chain on it) and realized the rear sprocket I odered is too big for the hub.

The hole in the center of the new sprocket is about 6" and the old sprocket hole is about 5.35". That kind of hub do I have? Both have a 6-hole pattern, but the hub/wheel must be from some other yamaha. Are WR hubs and YZ hubs different?

Less important-The rear sprocket was marked "C49" but its actually a 46. 14/49 is stock YZ gearing so I naturally ordered a YZ package as I'm trying to keep the bike geared as much like a YZ as I can. Yes the bike is street legal but I'd like to keep it as mud/trail/dune worthy as possible.

Sorry in advance, I've only had the bike 6 months so I don't know all the history.

I believe the issue is the 98 did have a different rear hub then the 99 and later. I had a 99 YZ400, in which the rear sprocket had a larger center hole than the 98 YZ400. The 98's rear hub, at least for the YZ 400, had some structural issues and was redesigned for 99 and later models. The WR's may have had the same hubs as the YZ's. Not sure about the C49 marking.

Sweet, thanks Yama4stroker. Per your post, I started looking into the '99 and newer and it appears that is what I have for the rear wheel/hub. When I was looking around at sizing I found this site:

It has dimensions/sizes for sprockets of any bike imaginable, with great search options. I made some measurements and found out what I had. Now I can order the new sprocket.

Thanks Yama4stroker!

The "C49" is simply the material type, carbon steel, and has nothing to to with the tooth #.

Glad to help. Hope you get rolling soon with the new sprocket.

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