where to store battery over winter season

The WR is my first bike with a battery.

I was wondering if I should buy a battery tender and store the battery in the garage (removed from the bike)and constantly hooked up to the batt. tender.

Or should I remove the batt. and leave it inside the house without charging it until spring? :)

I live in Canada and was told to take the battery out and keep it somewhere warm on a piece of cardboard and either put it on a trickle charger once a month or keep it hooked up to a battery tender.

bring it in the house, DO NOT LEAVE IT ON CONCRETE. Stick a trickle charger (2 amp) once per month for (30 minutes??)

I leave mine in the battery tray so all I have to do is push the button and I'm off and riding. :) Seriously, winter is the best time time to ride.



It just so happens I am an expert in this field. I own an Interstate Battery distributorship and I deal with those types of questions everyday. With a small battery like yours maintaining your battery is critical to the longevity of your battery. batties self discharge 13% a month so you need to charge your battery monthly. A battery tender is the best way to do this, all you have to do is hook it up and forget about it. I do this exact thing to all of my seasonal toys and I never have battery problems. Of course I also have great batteries in my toys! lol.

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