07 wr450f headlight bulb please help!

i have the horrible stock bulb and i have hids in my trucks and love them but really dont feel like spending money on more and all the extra stuff you need to run them on bikes. so i want a bulb that will fit in to the stock headlight but be a lot brighter and high wattage if posible. like h6m or h4 i guess work, but want people that know about this to help, so thanks for your imput and help

OOOOOOOOoooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkk................and your bike is................????????????

Ops! My Bad! I just checked out the title of the thread, and there it was!

That fancy looking '07 headlight is absolutely atrocious as far as Lumen output goes. I should know, I put one on my '06 to give it that more modern look, and WOW! It Sucked!! So I hear what your saying 13+. You could retro-fit the older '06 style headlight and it is definately far superior to the '07, onto your bike. That would probably be the cheapest way to upgrade your light.


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07 wr450f

ooh well i thought that was the case cause the bulb is a pain to find and exspense, so ill try and do that with the 06 headlight, thank you very much

- 13+

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