Will a FMF PowerBomb or MegaBomb header pipe work with the stock silencer on a 2008 YZ450F?

My FMF power bomb on my 2000 YZ426 slips in the Stock Mid pipe with no problem my after market White Brother Silencer slips into the Stock mid pipe on the other end.

I hope this helps out.

Just me the reason I changed the header pipe I purchased the bike used and it had a good size dent in the head pipe just didn't like the dent.

My understanding the after market head pipe looks cool but it dont make enough more power for the cost.

If you'rs not dented leave it alone save you'r money for something else like a sliencer let the motor breath uncork the stock pipe.

If you'r stock pipe is dented try to remove the dent frist before you buy a new pipe I tryed the the frezzer trick but it didn't work the dent was just to big.

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