Mixed valves?

So I ended up replacing my intake valves with stainless (06 450) I am trying to get the valve clearances figured out. I installed all three valves in the order they were in the packaging, the middle valve has a different part number than the two on the outside so I was careful not to mix them up. But here is my problem, the middle valve has no clearance (even without a shim) and the clearance one of the outside valves is pretty far out (needs a 215 shim).

My original problem was bad valve seals and one valve stem lost the tip so I doubt it is a problem with the seats. My thinking is that those valves were mixed up in the packaging. But I really don't know what the difference is between the middle and outside valves so that is just a guess.

Any ideas?

Compare the lengths of the valves. The center valve should be shorter.

What brand did you use?

They were mixed up, I measured them last night and re-installed. The middle one is a little shorter, the gaps are all about the same now. In theory I just need to get the correct shims and get it put back together.


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