WR 450 Rear disc

I just fitted a new rear disc to my WR 450 f 2009 model and noticed that the new disc mounting holes were not recessed like the old disc. the bolts still clears the caliper by some 2 to 3 mm when rotating

Any one have seen this - ideas longrun problems ? Would this be ok in the long run?

I would think as long as you have no interference and you used loctite it should be fine...but if it doesn't fit correctly I would send it back and get the right part.

No, send it back...

Well its used and cant return it so either cut the bolt heads shorter or get the disc milled to recess the heads at big moola cost......

It'll be fine

2/3mm clearance is plenty

ride it and forget all about it

If I were to use it I would be sure to check to see if the bolts stay tight. there tends to be a lot of shear force on them and with the smaller mateing surface you could be setting your self up for ovaling the holes or wearing the bolts where they contact the disk. also make sure you use a loctite. Its amazing how much torque can build up in a disk.

Got the disc fitted and used thread locker on the bolts . All the bolts has got a flanged head so a lot of contact on the disc. Fitted new ferodo sintered pads and will give it a go . The disc is from moto master and seems to be well made and thicker 5mm compared to the stock 4 mm

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