Price check: 2000 WR400F Complete Wheels? (excels)

How much can I expect to get upper/lower for a set of 2000 WR400F rims, hubs, spokes, and tires all assembled? I know they are Excel hubs and rims, and shouldn't they just need a new carrier to be used on any bike?

I'm going to pull them off my bike and replace with 17"s since my bike is being converted to SM use.

Anyone want to clue me in on what they're worth?



P.S. - If you are interested in them let me know via PM.

Send me a photo, I need a set. I assume YZ/WR are interchangable.

They are interchangeable but the rear on a YZ is a 19'' and the rear WR wheel is an 18''.

The front YZ wheel does not have the same hub since there is no need for the odometer to fit on.

I believe the YZ has a different diameter axle, but that is just what I have heard...:cry:

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