WR400 dual sport conversion...whats involved?

What does it take, and how much money should I set aside to do a dual sport conversion to a wr400? Where do you put the battery? Where do you get some cheap lighting kits? How hard is it to make a kit yourself? Can you get an ignition switch with a key for one?

Thanks in advance


Got your message and I will reply here

:D Welcome to thumpertalk!

I got my complete kit from BajaDesigns for $500.oo and the instructions were excellent, nice kit! but since then some other kits have sprung up also w/key ignition. the battery goes in the airbox. If your asking "how to make a kit?" then i recomend that you get a complete kit. It is involved but you can do it yourself. To answer your PM if you should do it yourself or get a "DualSport" is up to your mechanical ability, but mostly the type of riding you are going to do. My WR frequents the local MX practice track with a quick 10min removal of street stuff :D ...as far as riding it on the street, I am impressed with how well it works. I rarely cruise at 60mph I have been meaning to raise the front sprocket up one tooth but havent got to that yet. I got the spedo at BajaDesigns for $60.oo but everything else was included in the kit.

Ask lots of questions the guys around here are really helpful and more upto date then i am.

Oh yeah, to answer the most important question, GET ONE you won't be disapointed with any of your choices :)

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