99 wr400 Engine VIN location?

So I got rear ended on my WR, bent my rear wheel. Insurance totaled out my bike... Bought it back for $92 and got $1700 check in the mail... :cry:

So I have to jump through DMV hoops with a salvaged title. I took it over yesterday, and they have to do a VIN inspection. Found the one on the frame, can not find the VIN on the engine....

Where is it? A picture would be awesome...

My bike is a 99 WR400 with a 426 top end. Would the VIN have been stamped on the OEM top end, and not have anything on a replacement one?

And if my terminology is incorrect please help me out!! Not sure what is considered top end, cylinder, head, etc...

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The engine number is located around the kicker, its on the back side, on the top, you'll have to move kicker out to get a better view.

I would post a pic but my engines in for a 446cc big bore kit and the frames being powder coated so all I got is aload of bits.

So on the top end? F-word...I think it must be on the OEM part, which was replaced when the previous owner swapped the 426 topend onto it...

Found it...kinda....

Where the vin should be is....you guessed it smooth, no numbering at allmad.gifmad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

But I have a HUGE stack of receipts from the guy I bought it from...

And...I have a receipt for a Crankcase Assembly (which the vin is stamped on)!!!!!

So I am hoping, that with the receipt the CHP inspector will let it fly as an aftermarket part, that was replaced when the motor was rebuilt.

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