FMF High Flow Head Pipe vs. FMF Power Bomb Head Pipe?

I need some input from anyone using either of these pipes. I don't care about the "Decible Levels" as FMF puts it. I just want to buy the pipe that performs the best. I already have the Power Core IV silencer.

The FMF High Flow pipe looks exactly the same as the factory pipe. Is there any difference?

Any input would be greatly appriciated!!

I had a power bomb header with a mega max muffler alot of power. I then put a high flow header on with the mega max and got some more bottom end but still not happy. I then put the factory muffler on with the high flow header and wow it's awsome. I put the power bomb back on and lost some some bottom end and gained top end with the stock muffler. The tracks i ride are tight and need alot of bottom end with a good mid section so i run the high flow header and factory muffler. Just my two cents worth

hey thumpin426, on the fmf silencer, do you know if it resticts the air flow? what tuning did you have to do compared to stock. thanks

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