WR400F Electrical Problems

Hey guys,

So I've just bought a barely used Yamaha WR400F for my first bike on my learners with the idea that I can turn it into a tard. However to get it road rego'd here in Australia I need to get all the light working (no surprises). So me and my mate have been trying to figure our the wiring loom and what goes where. Finally we had a pretty good idea where most things went just had a few more wires hanging loose and had no idea what they lead to or what they did, secondly the bike can kick over no problems at all but none of the indicators work, the back light for the speedo doesn't come on and the speedo its' self does not turn on. We got a amp or voltage tester to check some wires if they were live or and sure enough some of them are. The back-light for the speedo doesn't even come on either.

Has anyone got any idea at all about why my lights/indicators are coming on and what I can do to fix it.

I figured out why the speedo isn't working as well, the cable has been taken of the front fork for some reason so I'm looking at a new cable or getting a Trail tech Vapor speedo and hooking that up. But I don't know if it would be worth the trouble/ have have I gotta get over these problems first before installing one and get the old speedo working first.

I would really appreciate someones help as this could just as well save me some moolah.


Sorry, but I can't help at all! None of the things you mentioned are on our American WR's. Good Luck though!


Ah the negatives of posting on an international forum. Unfortunately none of my posts on the aussie supermoto site rarely get responses. Yeah I am really leaning towards taking it to the mechanic at the moment. Not what I wanted to do.

lach-23, You should get this thread deleted by one of the Moderators since there isn't any good information on it. Your other one has someone helping you though, so stick to that one.


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