why is the headlight on my wr450 not working

i have a 2007 wr450, the blinkers and headlight have recently stopped working, there is power going to my headlight. the flasher for the blinkers has been checked, my bulb on the headlight is new, all the wiring connections behind the headlight look to be normal. if there is power going to my headlight but it is not working I am thinking that the switch on the bars for blinkers and hi/low beam for the headlight might be faultly, but if there is power going to my headlight I am confused. I dont really want to go to an auto sparkie and dont want to get a new bar indicator/hi-low beam switch if that is not my problem,

any thoughts from anyone? any sort of info or imput would be helpful

Check your ground. I'm presuming your testing it with a normal test light with the ground clip hooked to somewhere else on the bike. If it's showing power (lighting the test light), but the light isn't working would indicate that the circuit isn't completing through the light socket. Current is going to the light, but not coming back. But since your grounding your tester somewhere else, the circuit is completing and your seeing power to the socket.


thanks OLHILLBILLY, that makes sense, I just need to find the bad earth I have. hopefully I can find it without to much stress. no headlight doesnt stop me from hitting the trails, i mean it is not often i get caught out in the bush at night but if its there then i want it to be in working order.


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