stripped crank or bolt?

Hi All,

I was asssembling the counter weight and in torquing it to 35 ft lbs I stripped the nut or maybe even the crank? While torquing it just started to spin without getting tighter. Now it wont even come off the crank. It has a couple of threads exposed but I wiould like to think the weight is on all the way.

I have seen a couple of fixes for this including installing a new crank but I would like to not do that yet.

to fix this could I just tap out the crank shaft center hole to accept a smalt bolt with washer to somehow stop any movement of the weight?

could I just coat the end of the crank with tread locker?? and hope for the best lol

could I just get a small weld on the crank to stop the bolt from moving and replace crank in future?

thanks for any help in advance

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