I took my new to me my 2000 Yz 426 out last weekend before I rode the bike I did a oil filter and oil change including the screen.

The oil leave was a bit high on the dip stick just above the full line I thinking no big deal.

And yes I started the bike before I checked the oil level and with the dip stick not screwed down

I did notice I had oil drips comming out of the oil blow by tube under thew bike i was not to worried about it.

This morning I thinking taking the bike out for a ride and checked the oil level as I normaly do before I go ride I notice the oil level about 1/8 of a inch under the bottom of the dip stick now I only rode the bike a hour last time last weekend.

Is this normal for a 426 uses oil of do I have more going on I need to look at harder.

I just topped off the oil it was down 300 CC of oil sounds like a lot to me.

But is this normal for a 426 for 1 hour of ride time.

Took the bike for a 30 minute ride after the ride the normal wash the bike look for anything that might of broke check the oil again now it showing high oil level.

I think it the dry sump system I just not use to it yet LOL.

But I know one thing I never buy a Renthal Chain ever again I should of stuck with I know that last a good old prove DID X-Ring chain they dont stretch like this Renthal is doing after every ride.

And need to readjust the chain after each ride.

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