400 to 426 convert questions

Im about to begin on a build to convert this yz400 to a 426. Im compiling everything I need parts wise and I have just a few questions..I found an 05 yz450 carb on ebay i plan to use and a HotCam Auto decomp cam. My question is will I need to get a hot start lever to run the 450 carb? What about throttle cable? any input is helpful!

Yes, you'll need something to operate the hot start with. Hopefully, you got the cables with the carb. At an absolute minimum, you have to have the hot start plunger, seal, spring, and retainer nut in the carb as well as something to seal off where the cable should be. Haven't tried it, but you may be able to use the original decomp lever for this.

You'll need 450 throttle cables also.

Thanks for the info gray..ANy thoughts on what plug to use?

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