Do FMF PowerCore 4's use factory gaskets?

I bought a 2002 YZ426F that has an FMF PowerCore 4 fitted to it. I noticed today when I removed it that there is no gasket that goes from the muffler pipe to the header pipe. There's just a clamp.

I looked on the microfiche for the YZ426F, and the stock exhaust has a gasket there. Is it supposed to be there? It doesn't seem like there is enough room for a gasket between the two pipes.

#12 on the diagram

No gasket. There usually isn't a clamp, either. most aftermarket pipes are slip fits.

Well the fmf powercore has little slots in it you know, like it should be clamped down or something.

It leaks a little from the connection between the header pipe and muffler. Will the carbon build up seal it or something?


Put a little high temp rtv in there

What about that copper spray stuff?

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