2011 yz450 top end rebuild question

I am going to change the piston and cam chain on my bike my question is about the cam chain. I know some bikes have a master link, and some need to be taken apart with a chain breaker then pressed back together. I need to know about this 2011 yz450 which way so i can order the cam chain tool.

The cam chain is a continuous loop and is not intended to be opened up by separating the links. The cams are removed to disengage it.

Have a manual? http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/lib/download.php?f=33D-28199-81.pdf

This writeup is for models up to and including '09, but the procedure is very similar to that used on the later ones. The main thing to remember is that the exhaust cam is the one at the back of the head, not the front. Changes a couple of things.


YZs do not use master links or need to have their cam chains broken apart. To replace it, you need to remove your cams and flywheel. Pull the chain out through the bottom, around the end of the crankshaft where the flywheel was. The only special tool you will need is the flywheel puller. Easy to do.

thanks guys

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