What makes my front brake squeak?

Disc brakes squeal when braking because a vibration is generated between the pads and the rotor, and that vibration makes itself audible when the backing of the brake pad vibrates against the caliper pistons. The cause is usually a "glazed" condition of the pad surface and/or cheap pads. It can also be caused by the caliper bracket being bent so that the caliper sits out of square with the rotor, but that usually also shows up as a mushy front brake.

Try scuffing up the pads with 180 grit. If that fails, you may want to replace them. Another thing you can try is an aerosol product that will go by different names like Disc Brake Quiet. Spray a light coating on the steel backing of the pad where it faces the pistons, let it dry, and reassemble.

Thanks Grey I knew you would have the exact answer

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