Devol Radiator Guard Installation ?

POS manufacture includes no picture instructions with this product. Can someone take a picture of theirs installed so I have an ideal how they fit ?? If not, does the long brace that mounts to the single hole behind the raditor mount to the inside of the brace or the outside ??


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All brackets mount on the outside. The long brace folds around the outside of the guard pointing forward and the opposite end that mounts to the frame points to the rear of the bike. The small 135 degree bracket also mounts on the outside of the guard with the single hole side pointing out and to the front.

Don't feel bad, it took me a while to figure it out as well. Good luck!!!


O.K., I have the radiator braces installed in this manner, but now the bottom bolt for the shroud doesn't even come close to mounting up to the tab you have to bolt onto the radiator brace ?? Did you have to do any custom bending of this tab to get the shroud to mount properly ??

Originally posted by Matt W:

Did you have to do any custom bending of this tab to get the shroud to mount properly ??

I did, just slightly. The shroud mounting tab on mine had slotted holes, I eyeballed it, bent it slightly and installed it but didn’t tighten all the way, then I moved it to where the shroud would mount, then I tightened it. It isn’t perfect, but it is close enough.

I use a 1/4 “ drive extension and wobbler to get behind the guards and get my radiators off.

Hope this helps.

I just had my first crash with these on and I wasnt impressed. the z-shaped brace in the back buckled and tore up the backside of my radiator pretty good. I think that if I hadnt had the brace on only the side of the rad would be smashed a little.

Just a little??? How about a lot!!!

i really dont think the guards helped much in my case. I was able to bend the brace back with my bare hands, I shouldnt be able to do that. the front part of the braces worked good, the part that actually says devol on it, but the z-shaped pieces in back are too soft

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I don't know how hard you guys crash but I think I could be on some of those "ouch" videos and I have not been able to bend them up too bad. Most of the hits have been directly from the side.( Like comming up short on a tripple and the bike ejecting you like a 3000 lb. Brama bull on steroids and then slamming down on it's side. You get the picture. ) You can see where the plastic has folded around the guards and I still have the factory radiators. The heat sinks are a little knicked up but that's it. I think those guards were designed more for side inpacts and keeping the small sticks out, not tree's. ( Ha! Ha! ) Never the less, I have had lots of luck with mine and I know they saved me at least a dozen times.


mine was a first gear tipover in a corner, the only time my new wr has hit the ground, im considering selling the guards but i may bolt them back on.

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