Need Rear shock help

Ok. So can u put gas back into the shock once it it let out? It has a little stem at the bottom. The Manuel says nothing about gas going back in.. But says to let it all out b4 disposing... I need to put gas back in. I know it's nitrogen. But can I put it back in?? Really need help.

Thank you


Since your sixteen ill be nice even though I'm sure this has been covered to death on here.

NO! You cannot simply pump up the shock with a tire chuck. You have to have a zero loss fitting that threads on and a valve and gauge to correctly set the pressure.

On the bright side your shock probably needs a service so while you have it off send it to a shop for a oil and seal change.

Actually I knew about the gauge. Because my friend had to do something with his air ride on his Harley and his Harley has the same looking valve. I knew u can't just go hook a regular air hose up to it. That's why I didn't do it. I have a big nitrogen bottle that we used for Gokart racin. Can I use that bottle.

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