Pipe For 2003 XR650L

Hi Gang,

Was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for an upgrade pipe for a 2003 XR650L. I live in California, so it must be street legal, forest service approved etc...


I have a White Brothers E-series on my '01 650L that works great and is much lighter than the stock exhaust only thing is it might be too loud for where you ride. :)

Big Gun quiet core, Supertrapp IDS quiet core, or White Bros E-Series. If you're feeling rich go for the header pipes, too. You'll need to make minor some carb mods, larger main jet & probably larger pilot screw, to really get the benefits. (See my earlier post & replies for "NEED HELP: XR650L Pilot Screw Problem") Good stuff there. :D

Also a K&N or Uni-filter will really wake up the low and top end performance. :)

GO up to the Search button and just put in XR650L in this catagory and the dualsport cat. you will be amazed at all the info, pipes and much more. Get ready to learn!!!


PS I have the FMF Q with a power bomb header it is great for power and Not loud! The white Bro is very loud but the header (white Bro) is bigger diameter than the rest.

Go for a CRD street legal full system


I have the full Yoshimura and love it. The CRD is also very nice. :)

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