how screwed am I...

Bought this 00 426 lil over a month ago and rode it a few times around the yard the first day,

And had a bear of a time getting it running the next time, figured I had it flooded as its too easy to do.

I have left it sit for the better part of 3 weeks until tonight, First kick and the damn thing had gas leaking from the muffler, Not good. I had thought the bike was rather hard on fuel, but it turns out the f'n thing was leaking past and washing the cylinder down.

I have concerns that there was a good amount of fuel in the oil on my last short 15min ride - and the damage was done. no abnormal noises occured how ever.

Drained ALOT of oil/gas from the crank case and got a few needle bearings along with it.


So... where is the best place online to order a rebuild kit? Its not like I can ignore these and carry on...

Only place those needles could have come from would be the big end bearing although I would imagine they'd be longer/bigger or from the counter balancer bearing. Either way the cases gotta be split.

Does the inner clutch hub have needle bearings? Maybe?

Just me if I going to spilt the cases for a rebuild I use all OEM bearing and seals YES they cost a little more but the bike 12 years old they lasted 12 years you can go wrong with the OEM stuff.

For me when my lowwer end go's South do all the up grades as long you in thereI rather spend the money once split the case Once and do right from the get go for at least anouther 12 years of motor life out of the bike.

If you dump a grand in to the motor sure cheeper than buying a brand new bike.

Dont skimp Dont cut cornners if you do and it breaks you going to kick you're self for cutting those cornners and having a Garage Queen again.

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whats the favorite online retailer? I'm not near a yamaha dealer,

For OEM parts I haven't found a place with better prices than these guys.

I've also bought three bikes from these guys at very good prices. They're just an all around good dealer that keeps me going back to them. They also had excellent customer service in regards to returns or problems with parts. has been very good for me. beats them if you just need one or two parts though.

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