Need your advice...

Moving to Charlotte, NC and I'm told that the BRP is not the greatest bike for that area... So, I'm going to sell the beloved pig and need to get everyone's opinion on what to do... Should I return the pig to stock condition (leaving the DS kit on) and sell off parts (EB carb, Scotts setup, ICO Checkmate, etc) or sell as a package??

What is a fair price?

Bought the bike in Nov' 02 and have 10 to 20 rides on it... Ran a couple enduros, but mostly play rode... Bike is in great shape...

Any thoughts??


Tom :)

Don't sell it bring it east there are alot of brp's here in the east!!!!! Its just a diffent kind of riding don't give up till you try it !!!!

Put street tires on it and spank the sport bikes at the "Dragon" in Deals Gap.

i want the checkmate. let's start wheeling and dealing.

name your price and email me:

Sell it!!!! Blasphemer!! :) Get a set of Supermotard wheels on it! Check out for some great ride info. Apparently the Dragon is heavily policed these days, but the best roads are empty. I know a few guys from diffferent lists that ride these roads. Once you're there and hook up with the locals, i'm sure you'll be introduced to the best roads around that area. I tell you, if my numbers come up on the lottery, thats where I'm moving too!!

i would put the bike back to stock :) - it will be hard to sell with all those extra parts :D that no one needs - and i would just give the (EB carb, Scotts setup, ICO Checkmate, etc) to one of your neighbors :D

jeff :D

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