Sheared Key With New Crank - Anyone Else?

Yamaha installed a new Crank and Flywheel after shearing two keys, and it still only lasted 80 miles. I just took it in for the third time today. Is anyone else having or hearing about this problem also? Has anyone heard about Yamaha identifying other problems?




I don;t have a crank or key problem but I came up & rode the Elderberry Flats O.H.V. area last Thursday. Boy , that clay is slick. It had rained the night before and by the end of the day you could gas the bike with out having the bike slide out from under you. Nice trails, but they seemed awfully short. But then again it beat staying at work and not riding. I'm always ready to try a new area.

We had been trying to go up there all summer long but every time we got the chance Elderberry got shut down due to high fire danger. Finally made it.


I am sure as hell glad I didn't buy one of those things, I just had a feeling. GB :)

Hey Jim, Do you mean Huckleberry Flats near Oakridge? You are right, a very small place, but fun for a half day. If you haven't been, go to Shotgun Creek Park outside of Springfield. It is much bigger and has longer trails.



Yes, Oakridge.


Jim, thats a bummer about the key, so whats next? I assume Yamaha is going to stand behind this since they replaced the crank.Ikeep hearing about a new idler gear that slips or something, whats the story on that? Also anybody know what they did on the 04's to prevent this.

Yamaharichey, Yamaha is playing hardball and telling me that I jetted it too lean (it's not) which caused a backfire, shearing the key. They don't have a clue as to a permanant solution, but I will stay on top of it and figure it out once they release the part numbers of the '04.


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