Water pump cracked and Impeller destroyed

I ride a 2010 YZ450F with a boyseen water pump cover and impeller. Last ride I cracked the case on a rock. Unfortunately the spot I was in required me to ride my bike about 500 feet up a hill. At the top of the hill I heard a loud cracking and grinding sound. Later after pulling off the pump cover I found the impeller completely destroyed. I was able to recover the 6 large impeller blades but there was a lot of smaller metal material in the pump. My concern is that metal has moved through the system and will result in damage to the new impeller, the radiators, or any other part of the cooling system. I have flushed it with water. Anybody have a similar situation and what did they do?

I don't think you have too much to worry about. It's a simple matter to remove the radiators and flush them with soapy water in both directions. Then run soapy water down through the head and cylinder with the pump cover off. Rinse thoroughly.

The water pump is not a tight clearance kind of thing, and most anything big enough to damage it would have a tough time getting from the cylinder up into the radiators in the first place.

Advice worked great with no problems. Thanks

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