yz400f external stator vs wr426f stator flywheel cdi box swap

I have a few questions about my 98 yz400f I'm looking to put a dual sport kit on it but not having much luck finding a external lighting coil/stator for my bike. Baja designs use to make one but has since discontinued it is there any other companies out there making external stators for my bike. The other option I have found is putting a 00-02 wr426f stator flywheel and CEO box on my yz. Any help is greatly appreciated

That's CDI BOX lol

You dont need the CDI box, just the stator and flywheel. You can mod the stator and make it work with your YZ CDI.

Do they still make a external stator kit for the Yz400f

No, not that I know of.

I have had a few tell me the Wr426 stator flywheel will not work on the YZ400 is that true? Thanks for the help.

No, I don't think so. The two do have to be used as a pair, and the stator has to have a simple wiring modification to work with the YZ CDI, but otherwise, I think they're OK.

OK thanks I hope not to have to use the WR parts I think i might have found a Baja designs external stator still new sitting on a shelf I will know tomorrow. Has anyone out there ever put the 00-02 WR426 stator and flywheel on a Yz400f the more input I can get on this the better in case the external stator falls through

Sorry to dig up the dead here, but I too am looking at doing this exact swap (WR426 Stator and Flywheel in 98 YZ400F) and I need to know what year WR parts fit in my bike. I know about floating the ground and modifying the plug to work with my existing CDI, just need to know what year Stator and Flywheel to buy. That could be an expensive mistake...

grey racer knows about this stuff, he once refered me to a topic here that had a link to a site called-supermotojunkie all that stuff about floating the ground on the wr ignition.

i'm curious to know if it roastes the stator as the stator might be under full or heavy out-put all the time.

i have the big bulky baja desighns external set up and its a monster just waiting to get smashed off

Hiya wondering if any1 can help ive just bought a 2001 yz400f but the coil was goosed put a new one on then then went so going to try a new cdi and another new coil as i can get the pair off a 426 will these work on my 400 cheers adam

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Next time, post your question either in a new topic, or one that's less than a year old and on the same subject.  By policy, I should have deleted your post as off topic.


First, there is no such thing as a 2001 YZ400.  The last YZ400 was built in '99, although the WR400 was made until 2000, overlapping with the first YZ426.  If your bike is an '01, then you need to know whether it was originally a WR or a YZ.  Looking at the CDI, a YZ426 (or 400) will have 3 connectors attached to the wiring that comes out of the box; 2 with 6 sockets each, and one with a single terminal.   A WR will have 4; 2 with the same 6 socket connectors, and 2 more that have a 2-socket connector on them.  The coils are the same, but the CDI and the stator are different. The WR stator has the same 6 terminal connector on it as the YZ does, but has an additional yellow lead with a single connector for the lights.

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