wisco sucks

i am still at battle with wiseco they don't want to pay any parts or labor after there wrist pin that came with there piston broke into peices after 3 rides in my 99yz400 they admit that it was a defective pin (they told me that they have been having problems with them and have changed to a thicker pin)and have replaced the piston kit but they say that there waranty only covers replacement of product even though it cost me $700 to do the crank over after there pin wrecked my rod it took almost 3 months to fix because backordered parts the least they could do is stand by there products and pay for the damage. the engine was pro. built and rebuilt

Sounds like a pretty standard warranty. I know that isn't what you want to hear but I don't know of any products (motorcycle or otherwise) that pay for resultant damage.


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BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!I'll remember that when it's time for a rebuild!

Standard warranty or not, I'm not going to buy from these guys again. It's bad enough that they let a defective part make it to market (due to bad design!), but to not reimburse for damages unquestionably caused by the defective part is just not good for PR.

If you can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the damage was caused by defective product, then you stand a VERY good chance in court.

I used to feel the same way about big companies but then I sued Fed-X and won, and since they do business in the state where I live they had to come to court in my town.

I won $2500.00 in a judgement in small claims court.

Keep all of your dates and phone records, as well as any and all correspondance to and from them in a file, then go to to your local courthouse and fill out the small claims paperwork, then pay the US marshal the $15.00 it costs to serve Wiseco the papers and you are off to the races, they will either settle with you or spend the money it takes to come to court and fight, they will always tell you "sorry we dont cover that" until you dig your heels in and say thats not good enough...I bought your product in good faith and the results were severe damage to my engine...the warranty is implied if not expressly written and you will probably get all of the money back....too bad you didnt rent a bike while you were waiting for the backordered parts...you could get paid back for that as well....Anyway...this is all a gamble but you stand nothing to lose except the court costs for filing the claim....around $60.00 total....I would do it just to show them they need to be more responsible....this is America...you are a customer.....they dont want the bad PR....I say give it a go!

Good luck!@


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I understand about warranty and liability when it comes to products. Let's face it, things do go wrong and people aren't always truthful (consumers). However, I like companies that do whatever it takes to "make it right" as my Harley dealer did one time. I think it's true that one unhappy customer can do more damage than the good that 10 happy ones do.

I have always used stock pistons, rings, pins and bearings whenever I rebuild. I realize that stock parts are sometimes not "the trick items" but in the 32 years I have been riding, I have never had a stock piston or rings come apart.



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i finnaly got my money back from wiseco after months of arguing with the manager and threating to take them to court with a notorized letter. that sucks why should i have to fight with them for months if in the end they knew i was right all along, why not just admit your at fault (defects once and a while are unavoidable) and stand buy your product its not like $600.00 bucks is going to put wiseco out of bissnes but bad customer service like that might . i would have continued to use there products if they stood buy them from the start (i understand nobody is perfect but aleast stand behind what you make if its your fault stand up and pay for it no big deal) but after this never again will i use wiseco they have lost a good customer i used there product in my cars ,bikes,and snomobile, not any more

Did your refund cover the repairs or just the piston kit???


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it cost me 700 to fix the bike and they gave me 624 at least i got most of it

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