engine noise after timing change

I did notice a "little" noise after I changed over my '99WR. I haven't had any problems, it's been over a year since I made the change.

I went for a 1 hour ride and the bike runs perfectly with great power. The mechanical engine noise never increased or lowered.

Guess it is O.K.

Hope so!

does it sound like the cam chain slap.after i changed my timing,bike ran great but my valve train seemed to be a noisy.it worried me so i checked to see if any valves needed to be adjusted,i checked water pump,oil pump and pretty much anything else i thought could be making noise[even kick starter].i couldnt find any problems.i brought bike to dealer to have them listen to bike and they said noise wasnt anything to worry about .that it was timing chain slap and slight stretching of chain is common with yamaha 4strokes and as long as bike was running fine and noise wasnt getting louder i shouldnt have any problems.ive put about 40 hours of hard riding on bike since then and havent had any problems.since i stopped worrying so much about noise it doesnt seem quit as loud.

I would like anybody to confirm me if it is normal to have more noise coming from the engine after I changed the exhaust cam advance to Yz specs. I did everything as discribed in the technical section of this site. It looks to me as a cam noise. The bike was running so smoothly before, I am wondering if I have done anything wrong. Could I damage anything running like that. The bike is WR400 1999.

Thank you!

It really feels to me as a timming chain or valve noise. I will have a look at the valves adjustment. It is probably normal to adjust the valves after a cam change! From what you guys are telling me, the noise seems normal after the timming change!

Thank you for your advise.


Does the noise come from the lower right side of the engine (clutch cover) & sound like a chain sliding on metal? I just adjusted the valves on my 400 & now I have that noise. From what I read on TT it is most likely the counterbalancer gear working itself loose. I didn't notice the noise before the valve adjustment but I can't think of any reason why adjusting the valves would have caused or accelerated the CB gear from coming loose.


Thanks Bryan,

I don't think this could be it. It sounds like tac, tac,tac,tac at the same time as the revolutions of the engine. That is what makes me beleive it could be the valve clearance after I changed the cam timing. I think I will go to the dealer and ask them to hear it, and probably ask for a price quote. What kind of job is it to adjust and measure precisely and fix the valve clearance, if it is easy I will do it myself since I have been there when I changed the timing.

Thank you for any other advise!


I have noticed that my WR/YZ makes weird noise too. It seems to make a barely noticable "ting" that gets worse when it is hot. It runs fine, but I run a Vortip, and I can hear a lot more than if I ran a straight pipe, so I wonder... I have always run pump 92... I did manage to get a load of oxygenated gas a while back, and spent some time in CA, and bought pump premium... could I be pinging from bad gas? Any other ideas? I have about 150 miles on the conversion, and other than that it runs great.

Did you install the chain tensioner correctly? It has a release on it.


I think I installed the cam chain tensioner, but I don't recall a 'release'. I wound the spring with a screw driver, installed the thing in the 'up' position and could see the chain tighten up as the tensioner released.

Did I miss something?


Mine makes all kind of noise. The valves are in spec. I noticed more noise last year after the change to YZ timing. I did it myself and I was sure I messed something up. But one full year and no problems.

I've always wondered about rotating the cam one tooth and why it did not throw off the valve clearance measurments. I have never researched it but are the YZ and WR clearance measurements different? And if so, shouldn't we be using the YZ measurements. If that is the case (which it seems to not be) would the make more engine noise.

I've really never worried about it as the bike runs and I'm not one for tearing into engines. The less I have to the better.

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