Softer seat for 2012 Yamaha WR450

Anyone know if there is a company making tall medium foam seats for the new WR?

I had a 2008 WR450 with a Guts tall medium seat and it was nice but a lot narrower than the stock ones.

The 2012 is a sweet wide seat but firm as hell ha ha


Gut's website shows 07-12 wr450 all the same so you should be able to transfer your 08 (foam and cover for sure) seat no problem. Not sure if the base has changed but I would think not.

I doubt the seats are the same, as it is a completely different chassis and dimensions are different ..

Yea they are define fly different the 2012 is more straight and wider

I'd love a softer seat, it feels like I'm riding on a sideways 2x4 haha. Even on the streets I stand up alot

I love my new seat from Seat Concepts that I just got a couple of months ago for my 08'.

You reuse your stock seat pan and install their new foam & cover. They offer a variety of foams, different heights & different densities, if you require it. I ordered their "regular" and it fit me perfect. They also offer a variety of fabrics, but I just went with the regular on that too, which for the WR450 is gripper fabric in black on top & blue sides.

This is the best shot that I have handy.


How is the wide part of that seat. Does it work well. Looks to wide almost. Thanks for the info and the picture is great.

It's great. I think the "almost too wide" is the key to making your butt comfortable. You already know how "too damn hard & narrow" feels like after about 20 minutes. :devil:

Changing the seat is the first mod I did when I got my DRZ400 last year. That bike was torture. The WR seat is better, but still not "comfortable". The Seat Concepts is definitely worth the money IMO. Btw, I'm 175 lbs & 6 feet tall.

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Look up Spencers Seats . Frank does great work and has a newer style gel to replace the stock foam. Check out his site for details. He did my '04 636 Ninja a few years ago and it was great for 350+ days (the seat was, not the clip-ons). In fact, he has the seat off my '04 WR450 right now. 313 miles in one day of dual sporting riding last month at the SLAP Rally in AR on the ADV forum made me realize it was time to get it upgraded. I actually had sores and I do a lot of dirt riding, just not that much in a day. The stock cover is used and he charges $75 (plus whatever shipping to/from charges). I sent him a return UPS label so there was no markup or extra charges.

He has a 1-2 day turn around and I should get my seat back on Friday or so. I'll definitely be looking forward to it when I go back to Lake City CO next month.

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