2003 stator wiring help

Anyone have wiring diagram.Have a 2003 wr 450 and previous owner wired in a stator from 2006 wr had yellow wire that he spiced in.Anyway had problem so going back to stock 2003 stator and has 3 wire with no yellow on.it ,has smaller red and white and a larger white. thanks in advance...

can anyone take a picture of the wires the stator plugs into..03 wr 450 please

A 2003 stator and 2006 stator would have the exact same wires but not the same connectors. Post a picture of your stator and I will try and help.

Thanks ricky I will when I get home this week, the stator only has 3 wires not 4.. It is the same minus yellow wire..

Will try later, I was wrong it does have same wires 4. The guy that had it previously said before it only had 3 so now i I am confused!!

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