best exhaust for a 600?

Right now I am running the stock pipe with no baffle in the desert, and I put in a Thumper Racing Exhaust baffle when I hit the trails. Any suggestions on a better setup?

So no one has any preferences or comments? :)

I'm new to teh XR scene, but a guy made an unsolicited comment about my Arrow exhaust saying it gave the best performance boost. Nothing to back that up with though.

A mate fitted an Akropovic, which replaced his FMF. The Akro actually made less power right across teh range, or I think it may have had a slightly higher reading just off idle? I hear good things about Leo Vinci exhausts, but again, have no dyno graphs to back this up with. I'll be trying to collate as much info as posssible on anything and everything XR600 for the newly formed XR600 yahoo group. If i get any dyno graphs I'll place them on there. Addy is

Depends on what you're after, what range of power increase you want (low end, mid range, WOT), how much noise you (and others) can live with, and how much you want to spend.

Big Gun: Loud, large & in charge.

Supertrapp: Excellent performance and tuning ability.

White Bros.: E-series: Not many better than the "Bros."

FMF: Heard good (and bad) things about them, primarily noise and no tuning ability.

If money is no option, go for the gusto and slap some headers on, too.

There's lots out there and you can't go wrong with any of 'em. This is an easy bolt-on upgrade. You may have to mod your carb settings though, to keep up with the new pipe.

I had a White Brothers E series on my xr600 and I loved it. It made great power in the low and middle end where I wanted it most. Great sound too and with the quiet core insert not to loud.

I liked the FMF Power Core IV on my 600. Before that I had a supertrapp which was a little better than the thumper racing insert which it came with. My friend had a 600 at the same time I had mine and he ran the White Bros. E Series, I think mine was a little faster w/ the FMF.

I have an older FMF exhaust that looks like the kind offered by pro curcuit in the 2000/01 Chaparral catalog. I have a 94, my brother has a 93, identical set-up exept for the pipe. He had a White Bros. Mine ran much better than his, better through out the power range. I haven,t seen this same pipe offered by FMF recently, but its a chrome megaphone with Super trapp end caps. Look in an older catalog for the Pro Circuit model. It uses the stock header.

Like you, I first tried a Thumper Racing baffle on my 600, but then changed to a White Bros E-Series. What a difference! Considerably more low to mid range power! worth every cent I spent on it.

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