want POPEYE arms?

I broke my wrist 2 years ago, now I have some stainless in there for support ( a screw in a bone). anyway I was in a cast for five months and lost all muscle in my arm. It made it hard to ride, but could not stop me. Then I found this neat little gyro gizmo to work on all the muscles in your arm, or even shoulder depending on how you use it. I twist my wrist for maybe an hour a day, when driving or watching the tube. it helped me tremendously! Its very cool, IT WORKS!!! www.dynaflex-intl.com

some spinach could help too!!

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"Generates up to 32lbs of gyroscopic pressure when maximum RPM's (9,000) are reached"

"Exclusive new design for ease of starting"

Must be a four stroke. :)

Website also says it has an available "power starter" (e-start?) as well as "speed meter" (odo?) but also says it needs no batteries.

Pretty cool looking little gizmo, actually.

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Thanks for the link. I have a buddy who used one for improving his forearm strength for bass fishing (whatever). I tried to buy it from him but, he wouldn't part with it and couldn't remember where he got it.

I'll be ordering mine tomorrow. Any suggestions between the powerball and proball?



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The power ball is cool! you get a free light show when you work out! it has little LEDs and a stator like my bike! the only difference between the pro and pro PLUS is the hole for the tach (on the +). I had to get the tach just for curiousitys sake, but it is only slightly useful. It does have some four stroke in it... you will hear it revving, especially when you get over 11,000rpm.. :)

also... they just sent me a flier with a 10% discount on any order... no info.. just said to mention the flier and get the discount. It is worth a try!

ride fast - take chances!!!

p.s. I got my first one at Galyans (big sports store) for 19.95.

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My brother in law sent me one, he broke his wrist and he said it was the best therapy he did. Just have to wait until I get my cast off now. Did try it in my good hand and it is pretty awesome how well it works. Now all i need is better wrist protection for riding, any ideas?

the EVS wrist brace has helped me to keep my wrist from locking up. It is better than the moose wrist wrap. not much you can do for a brace, except to keep it as strong as possible, hence the power-ball.

I would recomend the EVS, for 20 bucks it is more than worth it!

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