2002 WR426 fatman rear shock spring

I picked up a used 2002 wr. I weigh 290 lbs ready to ride. I have been looking for the right spring or something close for the rear. I dont do large arial jumps just the usual trail riding but I do ride hard.

I cant seem to find a site that can give me an idea as to what spring to get. Anybody have a link to a site that makes sense of the spring rating for fat old folk like me? Where to buy?

I'm 6'5" and about 300 lbs, riding a 2003 WR - basically the same suspension as yours. I used the race-tech website to do the calculations but they only sold springs up to 6.4 kg/mm so I went to factory connection to buy what I needed. They had a 6.5 and 6.7 kg/mm. I went with the 6.7. I be willing to bet I ride the same areas you do and it's been perfect for my weight. I also replaced the front springs with the heaviest springs I could find, they were harder to find for dudes our size. I found MX-Tech sold them up to .52 kg/mm everyone else only went to .49. I had to special order them and they took a while to get here but it was worth the wait, pm me if you need the guys info. I also increased the fork oil level which helped.

Now I just need to figure out the brakes. It takes a lot to stop this huge load. I rode AF canyon today and boiled the brake fluid up front again coming down 41 above Tibble Fork. Good Luck and welcome to Thumpertalk.

Thnx so much for the helpfull info! Tibble Fork! good ole memories! I need to go up AF soon again.

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