couple questions - 99 yz400

So i have a couple quick questions - My front sprocket has a pretty good squeak, and i'm not sure if its the chain or maybe a bearing behind the sprocket? its kind of fleeting though - not exactly regular, but still there either way. what should i look for? And is there somewhere online that i can download a service manual for this bike? preferrably free?

There is a dust cover over the output shaft seal that may have become bent and could be dragging the sprocket. The sprocket has a wide circular groove cut in one side to clear the extension of the dust cover. This cut out needs to be on the inboard side of the sprocket or the cover will drag on it.

See your other recent post or Common Threads for the manual link.

Ok small update- oiled the chain and that didnt make the squeak any better so just for kicks i sprayed a little wd on the sprocket and it all but stopped the squeak? &%$#@!??

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